Selasa, 23 Februari 2010


ill wear the wire, as .. I could not eat after 3 days of control teeth.after the control is not so bad, but the next day's beginning to ache.To brush my teeth it feels like a tooth pull out of. Incomparable pain, I can only eat porridge for my teeth still hurt. And reduce the pain that I drink cold drinks. If I control my teeth are always on Wednesday night. Before the control I have to eat, and after the control is not allowed to eat until the next day. I have to eat as much as possible. After the control I went to bed or watching tv "RELIGI". I had to force myself to sleep so as not to feel pain. As long as I control I'm free to choose the color of the rubber that came on my teeth. I prefer to wear blue gum or black mixed with red and blue on my screen. Artists who were not wearing uncomfortable wire what? Use wire only a few months ago was released, pairs off pairs off. Especially the color of his stirrup was transparent, whereas the yellow teeth. I just enjoy wearing the wire, all style.

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