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Gelar Cipta Karya D3 Tata Busana 2013 UNESA

Javanese Wedding, The Authentic of East Java Wedding by Hindi-Turkish

Tittle : The Authentic of East Java Wedding by Hindi - Turkish
Date : Thursday April 7th, 2016
Time : 4:00pm
Place : Atrium Ciputra World Surabaya ( Jl. Mayjen Sungkono No. 89 Surabaya )
Presented by :
Universitas Negeri Surabaya
Fakultas Teknik
Jurusan Pendidikan Kesejahteraan Keluarga
Program Studi DIII Tata Busana 2013

The Students and The Judges (the blue one is our teacher)

Design by :

Rohmatuz Zahroh | 13050453001 | Instagram : @zahrachan

Viky Lidya | 13050453002 | Instagram : @vikylidya

Dewi Imanud D. (ME!!) | 13050453003 | Instagram : @deradero

Resti Emilia | 13050453004 | -

Shinta Ayu M. | 13050453007 | Instagram : @ayyu.95

Zela Ratna | 12050452010 | Instagram : @zelaratna

Majidah | 12050452xxx | -

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D & D ( Dhina - Dhoni )

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Ardi Management
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SN Production
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Once again, i feel so blessed by the time. Thank you so much for our teacher Mrs. Marniati (i can't remember your title:( ) who take care of us, telling us how to organize and event for our next future and being participated with alot of people, alot of schedule, alot of deadline and alot of judges in this huge show for their students, behind the scene all of these show, you are my role model!
And thank you so much for my parents who always support me by praying, financial and many MORE. AND of course thank you so much for my best friends who always follow me up, understand me in kinda stupid drama, eventho i'm kind of weird friends ever, you guys still love me :') you guys such a great family that i have, since in High School!
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Love you guys! :*
Thanks for your attention! Enjoy my blog and video! :*